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I remember that pagoda...when I wad a little girl we considered it a haunted house...not too many people in there.


The Mansion is an allegory for Old Manila - it was in its best condition pre-war, a pearl of the Orient, a wonder to behold. It managed to survive the war intact whilst much around it was destroyed, collaborating with the power du jour. Post-war, it begins to fall apart, its demise accelerated by the strange inheritance laws which force it to be divided into ever more unsustainable parts, the assets sold off piecemeal for short-term needs. Now its heritage value is ruined, and there is no group capable of restoring it. A place of myth and fantasy becomes a broken-down remnant of its former glory.


we used to board there f my husband arrived...very friend;y staff...=))


Good day! Do you have a contact # for the Pagoda boarding house? Pls Help


Paul & Lou: I totally agree.


Better to make it as a museum, I went there and it seemed that it became more of a boarding house, encircled by houses that corrodes its appearance; better if the Ocampos back then tend to preserve it and be given a citation as an architectural wonder than of a mere dwelling.

Or in case of the people living there, if they want to stay then why not help to build that pagoda? Then in exchange for that be given a decent housing after contributing for their work in rebuilding, refurbishing the pagoda.


I think that the Pagoda has to be given an extreme makeover like what we see on ABC channel 10 in local TV of Miami. If the antique lovers could reinstate the original structure that will be a benefit to people who could transform it to a museum. Most of all it is a Chinese architecture and I am sure there would be a lot of Chinese people who will be interested in doing a renovation of a remembrance of their roots and their culture. Hopefully within the next few years perhaps 5 or 7 years that Pagoda will be madeover to signify the culture of the Chinese people in the Philippines.


Wow that is such an awesome piece of history. I searched for 2 years trying to find out about the building. It was in a WWII picture collection of my Grandfather's. If you would like the see a 1945 b&w version I have post the URL. Thanks again!


what an interesting building this is. government should declare it a national monument. i bet there is likewise an interesting story behind it.


that fifth shot down is a winner for sure. i always appreciate the time you take in providing the history lesson :-)


Sayang! thats the thought.I agree with you that hopefully someone will take the step to restore and repair the building. I didn't know there is a pagoda in Quiapo too like the others here. It seems to have a good potential for a tourist heritage spot or something similar. thanks for sharing your images!


i've actually seen this being featured in one of the local stations. the building is slowly giving in. and it's quite ironic that behind this majestic architecture people in their shorts and torn shirts would come out from the building. love your second to the last shot.


wow, i didn't know there was a pagoda in quiapo. the place is so crowded that it's impossible to see it, i guess. and just like the other buildings that survived the war, this one is also in a depressing state of neglect. *sigh*


Hello, Sidney !
Quel dommage que La Pagode ne soit pas entretenue et réparée. Tes photos témoignent bien de l'intérêt de sauver un tel monument.
Beau dimanche :0010:


Splendid images!


toujours aussi passionnants, tes reportages, et tes photos sont exceptionnelles, Merci pour tant de découvertes, Françoise'


I love the tower and all the detail. Great looking building.


I haven't seen building yet it would be good if they can restore it ! It's beautiful. Thanks Sidney, it only proves that I should visit a lot more of my country !

dodong flores

It put pain into my heart everytime I realize there are lots of historical piece in this country being wasted to naught. It's so sad think about it...


you prepare my eye t i observe all these details on the way! very interesting


This is the first time I've seen this. Such an interesting structure, I also hope someone would restore this as the architecture really is unique. It's like a European and Japanese Castle combined

Ashish Sidapara

Great details, superb series as always!


a pity indeed.

Otto K.

Really nice, Sidney, especially the fifth one.


I just love the second from bottom...excellent!!

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